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Ihsan H. Nadiem

  • After higher education from Government College, Lahore, did Master’s in Geography from Punjab University, Lahore;

  • A professionally-trained career archaeologist, later specialized in Museology from France;

  • Took courses in conservation of historic architecture and Management of Conservation;

  • For some time University Professor of Architecture;

  • Published 25 research papers, contributed over 350 columns & articles to dailies and periodicals;

  • Author of over 35 commercially-published books on cultural heritage, history of Pakistan and a professional autobiography (all in English);

  • Established Umerkot Museum almost single-handedly;

  • Established Pakistan Institute of Archaeological Training & Research (PIATR) under Pakistan Archaeology Department, raising it right from the scratch;

  • As head of PIATR, organized and taught several courses/specialized courses / training programmes & directed research projects, in collaboration with international educational institutions and world-famed archaeologists, Museologists & conservationists;

  • Established Sub-region office of Department of Archaeology & Museums in Quetta and ran it for 3 years;

  • Commanded as director both the Northern & Southern Circles of Archaeology of the Deptt. of Archaeology & Museums, Government of Pakistan;

  • Retired as Director of Archaeology, Pakistan;

  • Now heading as Director a Research Institute (Dyal Singh Research &Cultural Forum, Lahore) since 2010.

  • Phone: +92.300.9432706
    Email: inadiem@gmail.com
    Published Books, On Culture, Heritage & History of Pakistan
    (With Extracts from Book Reviews in Newspapers/journals)

    A. Books Published by Sang-e-Meel Publications, Lahore

    1. A Brief History of Pakistan, From the Earliest Times
    (Year of Publication: 2017)  ISBN-10:969-35-3033-0

    “……..This history book on Pakistan is unique in the sense that it covers the whole period of human activity in the part of the world that is now Pakistan. From the earliest period in the remote antiquity found in Potohar it covers the time span up to the end of the Musharraf rule. It seems like travelling by the time machine feeling the ups and downs as if happening before you:

    2. Destination Pakistan
    (Year of Publication: 2017)  ISBN-10: 969 – 35 – 3075 – 6
                 ISBN-13: 969 – 35 – 3075 – 9

    “……. It invites the world to Pakistan as destination of ultimate experience of cultural heritage, which is so rich and abounding scattered over the length and breadth of the country. It introduces these gems in such a brisk and brief way that involves the reader to embark on this journey of centuries nay millennia”.

    3. Portrait of Punjab: Land – History – People.
    (Year of Publication: 2009)  ISBN: 10-969-35-2251-6
                 ISBN: 13-978-969-35-2251-8

    “………….. the book under review is very well done both in text and illustrations. It seems to be a book, which could be recommended as ‘a must’ for any one, who wants to know afresh or enhance his knowledge on Punjab”.

    4. Cholistan to Bahawalpur: Physiography, Past, People & Places
    (Year of Publication: 2009)  ISBN-10:969-35-2178-1

    “The book brings a host of information to the table of the reader as it dilates in flowing language on the physiography, remote and historic past, demographic pattern, cultural traits and almost all the important places of the region. Another plus point of the publication lies in its colour illustrations, which are superb in nature and fascinating in content.”
    (It has won the 11th Cholistan Award for best performance in research on Cholistan-Bahawalpur-2009).

    5. Buddhist Gandhara: History, Art and Architecture
    (First published in 2003, 2nd ed.2008, 3rd ed.2009)
    ISBN 969-35-1408-4

    “It is perhaps the first comprehensive study that deals in a concise but comprehensible way exclusively the region of Gandhara, Buddhism as its religion, and its outstanding forms of art and architecture. The liberal use of colour plates, as also line drawings at appropriate places, makes the treatise more useful and presentable”.
    (Original in English, it has been translated into two other languages:
    i) Sinhala, published in 2007 from Colombo, Sri Lank and re-launched in Colombo in 2008 under the chairmanship of H.E. Mr. Ratnasri Wickremasinghe, Prime Minster of Sri Lanka); and
    ii) Nepalese, published in 2009 from Kathmandu, Nepal).

    6. Buddhist Gandhara Treasures: Taxila Museum
    (Year of Publication 2008) ISBN 969-35-2118-8

    “Comprehensively illustrated account of the exhibition and exhibits of the Taxila Museum with useful information dealing with its establishment and what it offers to visitors – both scholars and general tourists.”

    7. Taxila in Buddhist Gandhara
    (Year of Publication 2008) ISBN 969-35-2071-8

    It is a “Profusely illustrated description of over 1,000 year history of Taxila and its remains especially when it reached the pinnacle of its glory and progress during the Gandhara Period.”

    8. Balochistan: Land, History, People
    (Year of Publication: 2007) ISBN 969-35-2023-8

    “The book is a compendium of information on the Pakistani Province of Balochistan. The region-wise/district-wise description brings to the forth the true colours of the vibrant people and culture that make the region so rich in heritage, both tangible and intangible in nature. It successfully provides a new direction and sufficient material for researchers and those interested in our rich history and culture.”

    9. Peshawar: History, Culture, Monuments:
    (Year of Publication: 2007) ISBN 969-35-1971-X

    “It is perhaps the first book on one of the most ancient living cities that brings out its true colours, not only with its immensely expressive photographs but also the graphic description of its history, culture and monuments. It is a ‘must’ book for the lovers of the cultural heritage of this city and the region.”

    10. Islamabad: Pothohar, Taxila Valley & Beyond - History & Monuments
    (Year of Publication: 2006) ISBN 969-35-1904-3

    “It traces the beginning of the Federal Capital and its inhabitants with a study of archaeology, history, culture and monuments of Rawalpindi, Jhelum and Attock districts.”

    11. Historic Landmarks of Lahore: An account of protected Monuments
    (Year of Publication 2006)     ISBN969-35-1869-1

    “…… is a gallery of nearly all the beautiful protected landmarks in this historical city of festivals…….”

    12. Portrait of North West Frontier Province (Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa)
    (Year of Publication: 2006) ISBN 969-35-1825-X

    “The book deals with the land of NWFP and its vibrant cultural mosaic in such a fascinating way, which has not been experienced before this. It brings the far-flung areas to the desk of the reader with amazing clarity keeping the full flavour of the life”.

    13. Gardens of Mughal Lahore
    (Year of Publication: 2004)    ISBN 969-35-1699-0

    “….an in depth study of the gardens of Lahore accompanied by never before published photographs and illustrations from the British period…”

    14. Portrait of Sindh
    (Year of Publication: 2002)    ISBN 969-35-1355-X

    “Several books about Sindh have been written in the recent times. However, this book is unique in style, elegant in appearance and fascinating in content”.

    15. Built Heritage of Pakistan: A Compendium of Architectural Legacy, Important Archaeological Sites and Historic Monuments
    (Year of Publication: 2002)    ISBN 969-35-1329-0

    “The book no doubt presents the first broad-spectrum study of the built heritage and architectural achievements from antiquity to at least the beginning of twentieth century”.

    16. THAR - the Great Pakistani Desert: Land • History • People
    (Year of Publication: 2001)    ISBN 969-35-1244-8

    “There is a wealth of information in the book starting with the geographical location of the Thar desert and its topography and moving to its history, flora, fauna, races and tribes, culture and built heritage…...”

    17. Makli: The Necropolis at Thatta
    (Year of publication: 2000)    ISBN 969-35-1075-5

    “……the present treatise is different and rather more comprehensible as it gives the flavour of the first hand knowledge. The clarity of expression and flow of the language add to the beauty of the publication, which is even otherwise very well illustrated with colour photographs and line drawings.”

    18. Historic Mosques of Lahore
    (Year of publication: 1998)    ISBN 969-35-0940-4

    “This is the first monograph on the religious architecture that presents a complete story of evolution of the mosque style in the historic city of Lahore in Pakistan while dealing with sixty plus mosques of historic association…”

    19. Lahore – A Glorious Heritage
    (First published in 1996, Second Edition: 2006)
    ISBN 969-35-0718-5.

    “There are few books on Lahore still fewer by professionals, who had the first hand feel of its jewels. The present effort to put together the splendours of Lahore in this book is therefore rare and commendable”.

    20. Rohtas – Formidable Fort of Shershah
    (First published in 1995, Second edition: 2004)
    ISBN 969-35-0603-3

    “It is the first complete book on this all-important fort. It provides massive information not only about the architecture of the fort but also about its builder and his politico-military adventures…”

    21. Moenjodaro – Heritage of Mankind
    (First published: 1994, 3rd Revised Edition- 2002)
    ISBN 969-35-0525-5

    “Some of the local and alien authors have written a lot about this city of the yore but what has always been lacking was the availability of a book which would present all the facts in a precise and communicable way. This demand has now been met by a professional who is fully competent to undertake such a project……”

    22. Punjab and the Indian Revolt of 1857
    (Year of Publication: 2006)    ISBN 969-35-1806-3

    “ While writing on the Great Revolution of 1857, against the East India Company’s forces, most of the authors had failed to tell the reader, in an exclusive monograph, about the part played by Punjab in that fateful movement. This monograph sincerely brings out this aspect of history and must provide food for further thought on the subject……”

    23. Golden Rays (Poetry)
    ISBN 969-35-0834-3

    “…. the collection may be a small one for many readers of English poetry but it sure would leave happy every one of us who reads good English poetry”.

    B. Books Published by Al-Faisal Nashran, Lahore.

    24. Forts of Pakistan
    (Year of Publication: 2004)    ISBN 969-503-352-0

    “The book has provided a new direction and sufficient material for researchers, historians, architects and those interested in our rich history and culture….. In the absence of serious literary material on our heritage, this book is like a fresh breeze in this direction and must be kept in all private and public libraries.”

    25. Punjab: Land, History, People.
    (Year of Publication: 2005)    ISBN 969-503-434-9

    “The book, inter alia, gives a comprehensive picture of the lands of the Five Rivers right from the time when the known first man inhabited it some 500,000 years ago, dealing all the way to the modern times. It is the first book that has brought the host of information between its two covers with such clarity and completeness on the wide-ranging and important, while also multiple, aspects of the land and the people of Punjab….The book carries beautiful pictures some of them of rare nature.”

    Contribution to Others’ Publications

    a. Foreword Written for:
    1.  “On Alexander’s Track to the Indus” by Sir Aurel Stein (2003 Edition).
    2.  “Adventures of An Officer in the Services of Runjeet Singh” by Major H. M. L. Lawrence (2003 Edition)
    3.  A Book on Sikh Heroes: (published from India).
    b. Notes Contributed and published in the books:
    1.  A Note on Maharaja Ranjeet Singh in the book “Events at the Court of Ranjit Singh – 1810-1817” Edited by Lt. Col. H. L. O. Garrett & G. L. Chopra (2002 Edition):
    2.  A Note for the back-cover of the Book, “Buddhism in Pakistan”, Revised & Edited by Prof. Dr. Lamb, from USA, (Book is being published from USA and could be out any moment).
    3.  A Note on Religions of Pakistan, contributed to the Tourist Literature published by Gulraiz Ghauri for Tourism Department.
    Editing Jobs Done

    In addition to doing the editing job on numerous reports etc. he edited the Scientific Research Journal Pakistan Archaeology – Volumes 10-22 – published by the Department of Archaeology, Government of Pakistan, on annual basis.

    Translation Jobs Done

    In addition to numerous 1 to 20 page Urdu pieces for different papers/journals and individual Urdu authors (like Aslam Kamal) he has done the monumental work of rendering in to English the First Volume of Al-Amin, a four-volume book on the life and times of Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) written in Urdu by M. Rafique Dogar.

    Books published by DSRCF, authored/edited

    1.  Sardar Dyal Singh Majithia – As Seen by his Contemporaries.
    2.  The Rising of Khalsa.
    3.  Shaheed Sardar Bhagat Singh: Life & Ideology/
    4.  Shaheed Sardar Bhagat Singh: Jeevan te Nazariyat.
    5.  Guru Arjan Dev Ji di Shaheedi te Os de Asl Karan (Punjabi: Both Shahmukhi and Gurmukhi scripts).

    Chief Editor, Quarterly Punjab dey Rang since 2010 Published by DSRCF