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Gurdwara Rori Sahib

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When the armies of Babar entered Punjab, Baba Guru Nanak Ji was present at Eminabad. At the time of capture of this town, many locals were arrested, among whom was Baba Guru Nanak Ji also. At the time of arrest, he was sitting on the pebbles (Rorri) and was busy in his prayers. When Babar came to know about Baba Guru Nanak Ji, he honourably freed him along with many others.
Gurdwara Rorri Sahib is one and a half kilometres away from the centre of the town of Eminabad, which is connected with it by a good black-top road. The impressive Gurdwara with an equally impressive gateway, stands at the place of pebbles (called Rorri in the local language), with a large “Sarovar”, guava trees and flower beds.