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Lahore Fort

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Perhaps one of the most famous landmarks of Pakistan, the Lahore Fort is a piece of history most have heard of. The well-known fortress was entirely rebuilt in the 17th century, though it’s believed to have been inhabited in some way for millennia.
Some of the most elaborate and well-known highlights of the massive structure were installed under Emperor Jahangir- including the epic Picture Wall that’s adorned with a colorful array of mosaics, tile, and frescoes.
The Sheesh Mahal- AKA the “Palace of Mirrors” was commissioned later under Shah Jahan. The immaculate marble room is inlaid with complex high-quality mirror work and is a must-visit when checking out the grounds. The Lahore Fort- which spreads over 20+ hectares- can be found at the northern end of Lahore’s famous Walled City.