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Kartarpur, literally "The City of God" in Punjabi, was established by Baba Guru Nanak Ji in 1522. It is situated in the present-day Narowal district of Punjab, Pakistan. Hardly a few kilometers from the Pak-India border, it is connected by metalled road with Lahore, which is 118 kilometres away. A regular road transport service is available between the provincial capital and Kartarpur Sahib. Allama Iqbal International, Lahore, serves it as the nearest airport. On the railway network, Kartarpur is served by station named after it, which is hardly 5 kilometres away.
This is the place where Sri Guru Nanak Ji did farming for 18 years, Bhai Lehna was made Guru Angad by Guru Nanak Ji and Sri Guru Nanak Ji departed from this world at this place on 27th September, 1529 A.D. A Smadh and a grave of the Guru adorn together this sacred place. At the time of his departure from this world, a dispute had erupted between Sikhs and Muslims. The Sikhs claimed him a Sikh-Guru and Muslims claimed him as their “Peer”. The body was kept for a night, under sheet to resolve the dispute. Next morning when the sheet was lifted, there was a heap of flowers instead of the body, which were equally divided by Sikhs and Muslims. The Sikhs made his Smadh and the Muslims built his Mazar (Tomb), which now lie side by side.