Diwali night lamp balian…

Bhai Gurdas ji has uttered this word–not so that you light lamps and worship goddesses to remove the darkness of Diwali night, but so that the Sikhs of Guru remove the darkness of their minds and Satguru ji blesses them. By enlightening one’s manna with knowledge, with Gurbani, by removing the evil that comes to mind from time to time, manna nirmal can only do Gurbani and that is why Bhai Gurdas ji is giving these instructions to the Sikhs that, “Bhai This is the first line of Gurdas Ji’s War 19/6 and the stanza is as follows:

“Diwali ki rati, dive baliyani. Tare jati sanati, ambar bahaliyani. Flower di bagati, chochi chichachi chalyani. Thirth jaati jati naini nihaliani. Hari Chandauri Jhat, Vasai Uchaliani. Gurmukhi Sukh Faldati, Sabdi Samaliani.”

The meanings are; “Just like people light lamps on Diwali night, but this light is only for a while. The stars are visible at night, only until the day dawns. Flowers are scattered with pots but not to stay. If you see the pilgrims going to the shrines. They give, but do not go to live there. The heavenly palaces of the clouds are seen but they do not exist.

Finally decide-

“Gurmukhs recognize this impermanence of the world and are not troubled by it. Dear Gurmukhs, they take care of their lives by connecting with the words of the Guru.”

Come on! Let us pray at the feet of Satguru Satshah ji that He grants release to our heroes and gives them the strength to fight for the Panth.

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