A group of Sikhs living abroad has reached the UN and given a demand letter to investigate the oppression of minorities in India.

A group of Sikhs living abroad has reached the UN and given a demand letter to investigate the oppression of minorities in India and the allegations against India in the murder of Bhai Nijhar and Bhai Khanda.

Geneva: Hundreds of Sikh representatives from all over the world held a protest rally outside the United Nations in Geneva against the oppression of Sikhs and minorities in India, after which a demand letter was given to the UNO. People gathered to raise awareness about the deteriorating human rights situation in India and their actions in the last few weeks to expose the Indian government’s massive intervention and targeting and silencing of Sikh activists campaigning for the re-establishment of a Sikh homeland. were doing

Bhai Amrik Singh, head of the Sikh Federation and spokesperson Bhai Dubinderjit Singh, present at the rally, said that after Justin Trudeau’s explosive statement in the Canadian Parliament about the Indian government’s involvement in the killing of Sikh leader Hardeep Singh Nijhar on Canadian soil on September 18, 2023. It has come to light that Indian authorities are alarmingly challenging the rule of law and sovereignty of other countries. He said that we have submitted a complaint to Special Procedures regarding extrajudicial killing of Bhai Hardeep Singh Nijhar in Canada and met his staff a few days ago to discuss several other similar cases in UK, Pakistan and USA. was

We expect an urgent communication through special procedures to the Government of India regarding such extrajudicial killings and interference abroad.

Bhai Avtar Singh Khanda’s UK Referral of complaints to special procedures regarding mysterious death was discussed. We also discussed India’s alarming transition from democracy to dictatorship, he said. The rise of the Indian government’s extreme right-wing Hindutva ideology on the global stage and the growing violence and discrimination against religious minorities, women and Dalits across the country has reached alarming levels towards a Hindu nation. A weak or non-existent response by the Indian government against the perpetrators has created a climate of fear through widespread impunity and regime complicity.

The independence of key institutions such as the judiciary, the media and progressive civil society associations continues to be undermined. We suggest that the deteriorating human rights situation in India urgently calls for a Special Rapporteur on the human rights situation in India. Because India’s regime dismisses criticism or pressure from outside, it appears very sensitive when it comes to criticism from key members of the United Nations. Greater public awareness through a dedicated Special Rapporteur of India’s widening democratic deficit will encourage governments to raise their voices in defense of human rights and the broader ideals of freedom, equality and fraternity in India.

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