Canada: An event dedicated to the proud Punjabi folk poet Gurdas Ram Alam in Surrey

Surrey: Folk poet Gurdas Ram Alam Sahitya Sabha Canada organized a function dedicated to Gurdas Ram Alam, the pride of Punjabis, at Senior Citizen Center Surrey on Sunday. The main speaker of the event Dr. Speaking on the occasion, Gurwinder Singh Dhaliwal said that Gurdas Ram Alam was a folk poet in true sense, who brought the respect of Punjabi mother tongue to the hearts of the people. He dedicated his entire life to Punjabi language and literature. He said that Alam Sahib was the best poet among the contemporary poets, but it is sad that the ‘great writers’ have not mentioned Alam Sahib anywhere. They called Alam Sahib ‘Real Gurdas’ and Gurdas Maan ‘Fake Gurdas’.

Alam Sahib’s songs and poems will live forever. He is the ‘real Gurdas’ of the Punjabi mother tongue and the pride of Punjabi and Punjabis, whose poem “Kyun Bai Nihalya Azaddi Nahi Sehi?” Even today it remains a part of people’s minds and eloquently portrays India’s current economic, social, cultural, religious and media enslaved state.

He said that nowadays poets, writers and journalists are being thrown in jails in India, but the pens of most of the poets and writers are silent and their mouths are muttering, which is a shameful phenomenon. He said that today it is also a joy that leaving “Malik Bhago’s dishes of poodas” and “to enjoy Bhai Lalo’s Kodhra bread” a large number of literature lovers, literary poet Gurdas Ram Alam have reached the event.

On this occasion, the founding principal of the institution, Maluk Chand Keller, gave information about the constitution of the institution and welcomed everyone while conducting the program. He said that this is the seventh literary event dedicated to the folk poet Gurdas Ram Alam and the next event will be dedicated to the great poet Dhani Ram Chatrik.

Writer Ashok Bansal Mansa, who came specially from Punjab, in his book ‘Mitti Ko Frol Jogia’ talked about decorating twenty dry pearls with the great poet Gurdas Ram Alam. Ashok Bansal also mentioned how by plagiarizing the writings of literary men, many ‘unscrupulous singers continued to sing their songs, but never remembered the unknown poets. He presented this book to Lok Kavi Gurdas Ram Alam Sanstha and Senior Center. Bhupinder Singh Malli, Principal Kashmira Singh, Darshan Singh Atwal, Captain Jeet Mehra, Master Amrik Singh Lehl, Harchand Singh Gill and Harpal Singh Brar (Principal Senior Center) also addressed the event. On this occasion, Rajinder Singh Pandher presented a new book to the institution.

Famous poets Mohan Gill, Gurmeet Singh Sidhu, Hardam Singh Maan, Gurmeet Singh Sekho, Gurmeet Singh Kalkat, Amrik Singh Maan, Shingara Singh Sandhu, Megh Nath Sharma, Jagjit Singh Sekho, Surjit Singh Tibban, Nachhatar Singh Dandiwal, Kirpal Singh Pandher were present in the event. , Avtar Singh Jaswal, Bakshish Singh Mehruk, Avtar Singh Dhaliwal, Sarabjit Singh Bandala Manjki, Dilbagh Singh Bandala, Poet from America Kulwinder Singh Bath, Surjit Singh Bath, Joginder Kaur, Harbans Kaur, Prof. A large number including Nirmal Kaur Gill, Avtar Singh Dhillon, Jasveer Singh Jandu, Sita Ram Ahir, novelist Charanjit Singh Sujon, Gurmukh Singh Deol, Pratt Singh Dhaliwal, Surinderjit Singh Bhela, journalist Rashpal Singh Gill, Karamjit Singh Buttar and Avtar Singh Dhillon. The audience was involved.

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