Credible evidence of India’s involvement in killing of Sikh separatist, says Canadian MP Jagmeet Singh

A leader of Canada’s New Democratic Party, which is an ally of the country’s ruling party, has said there is a “clear” indication of a foreign government being involved in the killing of a Canadian citizen. “As the prime minister shared publicly, there is Canadian intelligence which indicates that a Canadian citizen was killed on Canadian soil and a foreign government was implicated,” NDP leader Jagmeet Singh told reporters in Ottawa on Tuesday.

Singh’s New Democratic Party is the fourth largest party in the House of Commons or Lower House of the Canadian Parliament.

Describing the allegations levelled by Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau against India as a very serious thing, Singh said his views were based on the intelligence briefing he received.

“This is unprecedented intelligence that has come forward and that is why we’re going to continue to urge that the Canadian government have a thorough investigation so that those responsible are brought forward,” the NDP leader said.

Responding to a question, Singh said the United States has been very supportive of Canada’s call for transparency from India. “We are going to continue to push for those things,” he added.

Singh said he received the briefing on materials prepared by former governor-general David Johnston, who had been named as a special rapporteur to explore the issue. Johnston has now resigned from the role. 

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