Parties should meet Modi on SYL: HS Phoolka

Former AAP Dakha MLA HS Phoolka said today that the November 1 debate proposed by CM Bhagwant Mann should be the platform for all parties to focus on the depleting groundwater level in the state. Instead of accusing each other, the parties should guide residents.

Addressing a press conference here, Phoolka said the agricultural land was turning barren with each passing day.

On the SYL issue, Phoolka said instead of accusing each other, all parties should meet the Prime Minister. “Though the Supreme Court had decided in favour of Haryana 20 years ago, no action could be taken on the ground as the state pursued the case in the apex court. As per the riparian laws, Punjab had the first right on the Sutlej. Haryana was getting more water from the Sharda canal. In 1976, the rules for water sharing made by then PM Indira Gandhi was the basis of the dispute,” he said.

He added that the core issue was the depleting groundwater resources of the state. The overuse of pesticides was adding to the damage. The time had come that the state created awareness among farmers.

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