Prayer offered by Bhai Amritpal Singh’s mother at Sri Akal Takht Sahib

Amritsar: Today SGPC, Amritpal Singh’s family and Sikh organizations prayed for the release of Sikhs imprisoned in Assam jails under NSA at Sri Akal Takht Sahib along with their colleagues.

However, Sri Akhand Path Sahib was started a few days before this, after which prayers were offered for the release of the imprisoned Sikhs at Sri Akal Takht Sahib. On this occasion, Amritpal’s parents said that prayers will be offered at Panj Takht Sahib for the release of all the captive Singhs including their companions. Prayers for the release of all the Sikhs will be prayed for the release of Sri Akhand Path Sahib, which has been started today from Sri Akal Takht Sahib, in which the Shiromani Committee as well as the Sangat are getting full support.

Sikh organizations and Sangat, for this we thank everyone and hope that the Sangat will give this kind of support in the future also, he said that the people whose children Amritpal Singh has made them drug free are also in large numbers. have come and everyone wants Amritpal Singh, come out of jail and free the youth from drugs because the government is not helping to stop drugs, it has failed, now people should pray to God.

The said Shiromani Committee member said that today’s prayer is very important because the Sikh community wants Amritpal Singh and his companions to be released and to unite the Sikhs and stop the scourge of drugs and unite the youth with religion. The committee is pursuing the case of Amritpal Singh and colleagues and has also met the Home Minister for the release of all.

Amritpal Singh’s mother Sardarni Balwinder Kaur said that due to Kalgidhar Patshah’s blessing, the youth who were enjoying Khalsa Vehir when the Khalsa Vehir started and the youth who were becoming aware of their national goal by giving up drugs, To stop Bhai Amritpal Singh and Sathi Singh, this web of lies was woven by the government and they are detained in different jails. BBI said that the defeat of the cruel government lies in the fact that the youth should give up drugs and drink ‘Khande Bate di Pahul’ and Bhai Amritpal Singh and all Bandi Singhs should be banned and Khalsa Waheer should start again on the land of Punjab.

He said that the web of lies woven by the governments to stop the Khalsa Veheer started by the governments under the movement of Amrit Sanchar can be cut only with the prayers of the Sangat. Therefore, instead of making demands from false governments and political leaders, we are making a program to go to Panj Takht Sahibans and pray together.

They said that Bhai Amritpal Singh and his colleagues should be banned and the Khalsa Wheer should be started and the lights of other families who are addicted to drugs, at least they would come out of this quagmire and become the national target of the Khalsa Wheer. Forget the drugs forever by engaging in the holy task of attaining It is worth mentioning that yesterday when Mata Balwinder Kaur started coming to the side of the Secretariat Sri Akal Takht Sahib after the commencement of Sri Akhand Path, the local police officials did not allow her to come to the press conference by applying pressure.

Apart from the families of the Bandi Singhs, those women also participated, whose close relatives and many other youths have lost their precious lives due to drugs.

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