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Punjabi students’ protest at Algoma University, Canada, enters 5th day

International students, mainly from Punjab, continued their protest against Algoma University over alleged unfair grading on the fifth day, braving harsh weather conditions while camping in makeshift tents outside the campus on Queen’s Road in Brampton, Canada.

The students, along with volunteers of Montreal Youth Student Organisation (MYSO), held a protest march around Queen’s Road on Monday, which saw participation from various organisations, welfare societies, and fellow international students.

The protestors demanded action against the ‘Techniques of System Analyst’ subject professor and a re-evaluation of their grades.

In addition to the on-site protest, the students sent emails to university authorities and Canadian Parliament members, outlining their demands and emphasizing the alleged ‘systematic failure’ of around 130 students in one subject.

MYSO leaders clarified that the protest’s focus is justice and transparency within the grading system, not merely passing failed students. They also raised concerns about potential manipulation in the grading process.

MYSO leaders, Mandeep, Khushpal Grewal and Manpreet Longowal, accused the university of prioritising profits over students’ welfare.

They highlighted the significant economic contribution of international students, totaling $30 billion annually to Canada’s GDP, and called for changes in grading criteria, re-evaluation of papers, dismissal of the accused professor, elimination of extra exam fees, and increased transparency in the paper-checking process.

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