Simranjit Singh Mann, Jathedar Ranjit Singh and Baldev Singh Wadala to come on one stage to win Shiromani Committee elections: Panthak organizations

It is very important to remove the Badals from the management of Gurdhams, every Sikh should vote for the Shiromani Committee

Amritsar: Panthak organizations and sectarian-minded Gursikh pubs have become heavy on the Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee elections. They are very concerned, serious and sincere about the management of Gurdhams. In this regard, at the historical Gurdwara Tahli Sahib Santokhsar of Guru Nagar Sri Amritsar, the Gursikhs of panthic organizations held an emergency meeting in which especially Jathedar Bhai Gurnek Singh (Kalgidhar Amrit Sanchar Jatha), Bhai Sukhjit Singh Khose (Sri Guru Granth Sahib Respect Committee) Punjab), Bhai Narain Singh Chauda (President Akal Federation), Jathedar Bhai Dilbagh Singh Sultanwind (Chief Sevadar Jatha Sirlath Khalsa), Bhai Ranjit Singh Damdami Taksal (President Sikh Youth Federation Bhindranwala), President Sikh Welfare Society Bhai Baldev Singh Sirsa, Jathedar Bhai Sukhdev Singh Bandala (senior leader Damdami Taksal), Bhai Sukhraj Singh Niamiwala (son of Shaheed Bhai Krishna Bhagwan Singh), Bhai Tarlochan Singh Sohal of Respect Committee, Bhai Manjit Singh Jhabal, Bhai Kuldeep Singh Mode, Bhai Lakhbir Singh Mahalam and national justice The leader of the front, Bhai Pal Singh France, etc. participated.

During the meeting, every leader and speaker emphasized that in order to remove the present-day masands and sectarian badalkas from the management of Gurdhams, Shiromani Akali Dal Amritsar president Sardar Simranjit Singh Mann, former Jathedar Singh Sahib of Sri Akal Takht Sahib Bhai Ranjit Singh, Sikh Sadbhavana Dal’s chief servant Bhai Baldev Singh Wadala, panth sevak militant personality Bhai Daljit Singh Bittu, Dal Khalsa and other sectarian groups gather on one platform and if there is a single common candidate of the sectarian organizations against the candidate of Badal Dal. So that the Badals can be defeated by a strong fight and the management of Gurdhams should be in the hands of Gursikhs with sincere and sectarian spirit, with which the Sikh principles can be protected and the cult can flourish.

In the meeting, it was considered that a committee should be formed by taking people from each constituency, and 5 Singhs should be selected from them. People need to be told that we are not creating factions but want to bring all groups together. DC of each district should be met, spoiled votes should not be allowed, votes should be held by November 15 at most. At the end, a committee of 11 Singhs was formed which will meet with the government officials regarding the difficulties faced in the Shiromani Committee elections and will make contact with other Panthak groups of Panthak leaders Sardar Simranjit Singh Mann, Jathedar Ranjit Singh, Baldev Singh Wadala and bring unity. Emphasis will be placed on Bhai Gurmeet Singh Khalsa, Kuldeep Singh Dharr, Rajan Nagi and others were present on this occasion.

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