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Tempers run high over removal of signboard

Tempers ran high as one of the city’s busiest road intersections, named after a prominent 15th century Sikh personality, acquired religious connotations and threatened to turn into a law and order problem before the district administration defused the situation by asking one of its officers to tender an apology.

The apology did the trick following which the irate Ramgharia community leaders called off their protest. This community traces its lineage to Bhai Lalo. Ever since the Tibri road underground railway underpass came into existence about four months ago, the Bhai Lalo Singh Chowk had assumed significance because of sudden increase in the flow of traffic leading from the city to the bus stand.

For the past three decades, there was no evidence of an intersection although the area was named Bhai Lalo Singh Chowk. However, a few weeks ago, the Ramgharia community members placed some cement bags which gave the area the contours of a chowk. A signboard was also placed in the middle.

Two days ago, some labourers working nearby allegedly dismantled the signboard and removed the cement bags. This infuriated the community and slowly the situation started turning volatile.

The local CID came into action and informed senior officers that the situation, if not managed immediately, could turn from bad to worse because “Sikhs in large numbers were planning to join their Ramgharia brethren.”

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