The issue of one nation, one election and casteism will weigh heavily on the BJP

There will be a clash of cultures in the next elections!

It has rarely happened in India that the question of cultures has become an issue of politics and elections. This is perhaps the first time that questions of culture clash are at the center of politics and it is very likely that cultural issues will be raised prominently in the next elections. Apart from political issues, issues related to culture, language, tradition and beliefs will also play a major role in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections.

These issues have long existed and simmered in society beyond the surface, but some recent events have brought them to the surface and to the center of politics. The first event is the alliance of opposition parties calling themselves ‘India’. After this, the India vs India debate started, which was seen everywhere in the G-20 summit. From the day this controversy reached the public space, WhatsApp posts are being shared saying that when no country in the world has a different name in English and Hindi, India should not have either. It has automatically sparked a debate on English and Hindi. In which the states of South India will naturally join. Just as India was written in front of the Prime Minister’s chair in the G-20 Summit or the Prime Minister used only India in his address every time. This debate will now go further. It will emerge as a big question of language till the next elections.

Thus, this one issue became two issues. The first issue is about India vs. India and the second is about language. During the India vs Bharat debate, the BJP is using false facts and arguments to prove that the name India was given by the British or Europeans and is a symbol of slavery, while Bharat is an indigenous name whose religious beliefs has roots in roots and the name has been around for centuries. This controversy is about the fact that Bharat is the epitome of Sanatan and India is the antithesis or opposite of Sanatan.

This is the reason why Tamil Nadu Sports Minister Udhayanidhi Stalin has given a very sharp statement about Sanatan Dharma. DMK leader and Tamil Nadu Youth Welfare Minister Udhayanidhi Stalin while addressing a meeting of Progressive Writers and Artists Association on September 2. said that Sanatan Dharma is against social justice,So it should be abolished. He said, ‘Sanatan means eternal, i.e. that which cannot be changed. Like mosquitoes, dengue, malaria and corona are such things, which are not opposed, it is necessary to eliminate them. Sanatan Dharma has divided people into castes, so it should be abolished.’ Along with Udhayanidhi, his party MP A Raja has also given a very sharp statement on Sanatan. But the interesting thing is that except for the BJP and some Hindu organisations, no one has sharply criticized his statements. On the contrary, Udhyanidhi’s statement was justified on the ground that he opposed Sanatan saying that it was biased and prejudiced against Dalits, backward classes, backward classes, tribals and women. Stalin spoke of the abolition of caste and patriarchal affiliations, Which is the identity of Sanatan. At the center of sanatana are the Brahmins and other upper castes, while the opposite is the backward people, dalits and adivasis. So, this is the third issue of clash of cultures. A controversy has started over this statement. A case has been registered in UP on this.

The BJP, which was nervous about the successful meetings of the ‘India’ alliance, was relieved by this statement. BJP leaders are always looking for such an issue, which can be aired to target the Hindus. After this statement of Udayanidhi, a saint named Paramahansa Acharya announced that whoever brings Sanatani Udayanidhi’s head with a pen, he will give him 10 crore rupees.

This is the same Paramahansa Acharya, who burnt a pyre in his ascetic camp to commit self-immolation with the demand of making India a Hindu nation, but he has not committed self-immolation till date. After that he announced to take water samadhi, but till today he did not even enter the water. He had announced to give a reward to the one who burned the film actor Shahrukh Khan alive, but according to him, there is no Sanatni Nitterya.

BJP should understand that the game of communalism will end it one day. Sanatana Dharma is actually a weapon for a handful of upper castes to maintain their grip on power. When the majority of Dalits, backward, tribals will understand this, then this will be the last day of the current ruling class.

Udayanidhi did not say anything different, he said what Periyar, Ambedkar and the saints of the Bhakti movement before him have been saying. Sikhism was founded in opposition to Sanatan religion, casteism. Due to caste poison and social inequality spread in Sanatan Dharma, many Hindus have adopted Christianity today.

The leaders of Sanatan dharma should have done away with the evils and inhuman practices of Sanatan dharma, but they are calling even a damnable book like Manu Simrati on the horse of pride as the great book of Sanatan dharma. Controversies are going on in India about Sanatanism, One Nation.

But the philosophy of Guru Granth Sahib, the principle connects the people of India with the formula of commonality. Guru Granth Sahib is not a supporter of one nation, nor of nation state nor of Sanatanism. Guru Granth Sahib raises the concept of Halemi Raj and Begampura Samaj. which is the agenda of all humanity.

Caste division is a pillar of Hinduism which has divided society into four varnas: Brahmin, Khatri, Shud and Vaish. While Sikhism rejects the leprosy of caste from the beginning

Jati ka garbu na kari fool gawara  There will be a lot of trouble with this.

(Bhairau M: 3 p. 1127)

Overall, the way questions of culture, tradition, language etc. are being raised or are automatically coming to the center of political and social discussion before the next elections, it seems that these will play a big role in the next elections. Issues related to politics will be in place, the government will highlight its achievements and the opposition will focus on its shortcomings. There will also be accusations of corruption, inflation, poverty, unemployment etc. ‘In the midst of all this, it will be the first time that the question of culture will determine the direction of politics. For both the BJP and the opposition, it is like walking on the edge of a cliff. The BJP hopes that the names of Sanatan, Brahmin, Hindi, Vegetarianism, Bharat and Ram will eventually compel the wider Hindu community to vote, while the opposition on the other hand feels that opposition to Sanatan, India and India etc. issues are all economic. , socially and educationally backward people, Dalits,

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