The Jathedar ordered the Shiromani Committee to intensify efforts for the release of Bhai Rajoana

in the year 2012, the Shiromani Committee was ordered by the Panj Singh Sahibs to make all possible efforts for the release of Bhai Balwant Singh Rajoana.

In order to implement the said order made by the Panj Singh Sahibs, they have ordered the Shiromani Committee to contact the Sikh Sangat, Dal Panth, all Nihang Singh organizations, sects, Sikh organizations, Singh Sabhas, mints, saints-great men, scholars, intellectuals and the entire community. Take the Sikh Panth together and devise a big strategy, with which Bhai Rajoana’s release and the national warriors who have completed their long sentences in jails during the previous struggle can be released immediately. Jathedar said that it is very unfortunate and unfortunate for the governor of Punjab not to give time to the president of the elected organization Shiromani Committee to receive the forms filled in lakhs by the Sangats during the signature campaign on the issue of Bhai Rajoana’s release. The constitution is also violated

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