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Kashmir Culture

Kashmir Wedding

Kshmiri weddings are have their own charm.Bride and groom wear their cultural wedding dresses.


Kashmir is a popular place for their beautiful and unique Handicraft. The Pashmina Shawl is famous worldwide for its quality and fabric. Almost every woman love and desire Pashmina Shawl as it symbolizes royalty.

Kashmir Cuisine

Most Kashmiris, even Hindus, are non-vegetarian with rice and lamb featuring significantly in their diet. Lotus stalks, turnips and Karam Sag are the favorite vegetables and the kahva, a brew of green tea enriched with spices, is the popular beverage.

Dance and Music

Kashmir has its own style of dance performance and music that is simple and fabulous. Almost every festival and fair consists of dance and music that is a big attraction for tourist also.

Tourist Attractions

Brace yourselves! What you are about to read will spellbind you to the point that you start to wobble, shake and agitate in your very own seat out of excitement and zest to travel to Azad Kashmir, Pakistan.


A famous town in Azad Kashmir which is also known to be a district headquarter of Poonch. An alluring valley amid high hills, located about 80 kilometers away from Islamabad and Rawalpindi

Neelum Valley

Tourist attractions are required to be captivating. This one is for sure. You will find blue waters and greenery, as stunning as anything. This is God’s magnificent gift to mankind, fortunately, located in Azad Kashmir

Banjosa Lake

You will definitely find your way here if you get around Rawalkot. This is ideally the area boasting a considerable amount of greenery. Green is the color you will find here mostly, followed by a little contouring by red.

Jhelum Valley

 A natural wonder that people seem to find is the curling river passing from East to West amid the gigantic mountains.

A region called, “Leepa Valley” in Jhelum is one of the popular tourist attractions people long to visit.

Toli Pir

Head to Toli Pir in the final months of Spring; the climate is favorable. The rest of the months it is just chilling due to its high altitude. Also, in order to explore the area to its maximum potential, it is always advisable to visit from April to early October.

Ramkot Fort

Not really a stronghold anymore, Ramkot Fort bespeaks of a contemporary Muslim military design of buildings. The background of this fort belongs to 5th and 9th centuries which left behind its relics, discovered and removed by Muslim leaders during the 17th century.

Pir Chinasi

Pir Chinsai is an astounding spot to explore. You are on the run for your patience as well as your safety. Despite its alluring location, you always require being very cautious of moving around.

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